Season's Greetings

by Alan Ayckbourn

was performed in Basildon Village Hall

from Wednesday 01 February to Saturday 04 February 2017

The play takes place in the home of Belinda and Neville Bunker who have family and friends staying with them over the Christmas holiday. Neville is a successful retailer and owns shops selling televisions and electrical goods whilst Belinda is a busy housewife. There are children in the house too but we never see or hear them. Also staying for Christmas are Phyllis (Neville's highly strung sister) and her husband Bernard, a doctor, Belinda's Uncle Harvey and Belinda's sister Rachel who is waiting for her friend Clive to arrive. The final guests staying over Christmas are Eddie (a friend and ex-employee of Neville's) and his pregnant wife Pattie.

Cast and Crew

Part Name
Neville Bunker Chris Hawson
Belinda Bunker Sue Thorowgood
Phyllis Helen McCutcheon
Harvey Will Watts
Bernard Sue Thorowgood
Rachel Sue Matthews
Eddie Chris Pett
Pattie Sandra Wilkinson
Clive Rhys Hamilton

Role Name
Director Mike Baker
Asst director Amana Winchester
Julie Lewers
Stage Manager Guy Gilks
Stage Crew Tony Place
Julie Lewers
Penny Hawson
Belinda Baker
Lights Mike Baker
Amana Winchester
Sound John Winchester
Costumes/Makeup Penny Gilks
Jane Westermann
Properties Stella Dunne
Set decoration Jane Westermann
Willem Westermann
Publicity Chris Hawson
Bar Manager Richard Church
Front of House Gill Reid
Box Office Gill Reid