by Ronald Harwood

was performed in Basildon Village Hall

from Thursday 19th May to Saturday 21May 2016

Quartet takes place in a retirement home for singers and musicians and revolves around four of singers who in their youth were stars of opera. In retirement their voices, health and in some cases their memories are failing. Together they discuss old times and what happened that broke up their successful quartet many years earlier. The retirement home annual concert looms and they decide to repeat their most famous performance of Verdi's Rigoletto Quartet, only using a recording instead of their failing voices.

Cast and Crew

Part Name
Wilfred Bond Nick Thorowgood
Reginald Paget Tim Manasseh
Cecily Robson Sue Matthews
Jean Horton Sue Thorowgood

Role Name
Director Gill Reid
Asst director Julie Lewers
Producer Amana Winchester
Stage Manager Amana Winchester
Nadia Taylor
Asst Stage Manager Julie Lewers
Sound/Lights Mike Baker
Lights Ian Shears
Sound John Winchester
Costumes Penny Gilks
Properties Stella Dunne
Publicity Chris Hawson
Amana Winchester
Bar Manager Richard Church
Box Office Gill Reid
Front of House Nadia Taylor
Musical Consultant Maureen Richardson