A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

was performed in the grounds of Little Bowden, Upper Basildon

from Tuesday 1st July to Saturday 5 July 2014

This was a joint production with the Goring Gap Players

Director, Nick Thorowgood, has decided to set the play in Blandings Castle, the recurring fictional location in the stories of comic writer P G Wodehouse. Here are a few words from Nick:“Imagine . . . the balmy, midsummer shadows lengthening over the velvet lawns of Blandings Castle, and the Empress of Blandings grunting contentedly in her sty - but a towering, dark cumulo nimbus of kinetic agony looms over the head of Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth as he contemplates the forthcoming task forced upon him by Blandings' dread chatelaine, his sister Constance: playing Oberon in the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream she has decreed will be the culmination of the Blandings Castle Midsummer Fete . . . 
Gentles, think not that Avon's bard we come to mock; 
Still less to paint his lilies with fine gold,
But rather think of other dreams his genius might unlock
If with his pen, by other men his surreal play were told . . .

The production was reviewed by both the Goring Gap News and the Basildon Country Neighbour

Poster for A Midsummer Night's Dream

Cast and Crew

Part Name
Theseus Rhys Hamilton
Hippolyta Jane Westermann
Egeus Philip Burton
Hermia Henri Shone
Demetrius Paul Clark
Lysander Adrian Tang
Helena Eleonore Buffet-Heuser
Peter Quince Tony Place
Nick Bottom Ian Miles
Francis Flute Chris Hawson
Robin Starveling Mike Woodward
Tom Snout Alex Buchan
Snug Will Watts
Puck Tom Wilson
Peaseblossom Helen McCutcheon
Cobweb Fran Weetman
Mustardseed Sam Rawdon

Role Name
Director Nick Thorowgood
Co-director Barry Steele
Producer Gill Reid
Asst Producer Sandra Wilkinson
Stage Manager Belinda Baker
Asst Stage Manager Amana Winchester
Martin Audley
Prompt Julie Lewers
Costumes Sue Thorowgood
Penny Gilks
Graphic design Mark Baker
Photographer Willen Westermann
Publicity Sue Trevor Wilson
John South
Chris Hawson
Hair Katie-Jane Whitlock
Sound Mike Baker
Lights Ian Shears
Dominic Dodd
Props Claire Burroughs
Linda Palmer
Angie Hawkins
Bar Manager Richard Church
Box Office Jean Betteridge
John South
Gill Reid
Front of House Jean Betteridge