THE BASILDONIANS is a society of members, founded in 1977, for the education of its members, and such of the public as attend its functions, in the dramatic and performing arts. 1. Membership a. Membership is open, and not to be denied, to any person notifying the Committee of their wish to participate in any of the society’s activities. b. Any person participating in any activity organised by the society is, for the duration of that activity, ipso facto a member and thereafter remains a member until he or she resigns membership.

2. Committee a. The affairs of the society, except so far as resolved by the members in general meeting, are to be managed by a committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Artistic Co-ordinator and such other members as the general meeting may appoint, or as the Committee may co-opt b. The Committee has complete power to do all things conducive to the attainment of the purposes of the society in such manner as it thinks fit

3. General meetings a. A general meeting of members shall be held once in every year but timed so that not more than 20 months is to elapse without a general meeting. b. A general meeting may be summoned by the Committee at any other time, and shall be so summoned if requested by any member. Every member has the right to require the summoning of a general meeting. c. At least 14 days’ notice is to be given of the holding of any general meeting. Notice is to be treated as sufficiently given if sent to each member’s last known or notified means of contact. d. Accidental omission of no more than 10 members from the giving of any notice shall not invalidate a meeting. e. At the yearly general meeting the meeting is : i. to appoint the Committee, all existing members of the Committee being eligible for re-election and ii. to receive and approve (or, as the case may be, disapprove) the Committee’s account of the affairs of the society and account of money received, paid and held for the society and iii. to conduct such other business as may be moved on that occasion. f. If at any general meeting business is moved of which notice has not previously been given, the Chairman has the power if he or she thinks fit to adjourn the meeting to enable such notice to be given

4. Money a. All money and property derived in any way from its activities is to be held exclusively for, and applied exclusively to, the society’s charitable purposes or, in the event of the dissolution and winding-up of the society, to such charitable purposes as the body effecting such winding up considers most closely resemble the society’s purposes. b. All money held by the society shall be banked, on such terms and with such bankers and under the control of such officers as the Committee may from time to time resolve. c. No member or officer is to receive payment or other emolument for any service or act done in that capacity (other than the reimbursement of out of pocket expenses incurred) but the fact that a person happens to be a member or officer shall not disqualify him or her from receiving reasonable payments for goods or services provided by him or her for the society’s purposes in a capacity other than as member or officer.

5. Dissolution The society may be dissolved by resolution of a general meeting in which event : a. by such resolution the charitable purposes most closely resembling the purposes of the society are to be determined; b. if no such determination is made, it is to be made by a majority of the members of the Committee last holding office; c. all money and property held for the purposes of the society is thenceforth to be held for such purposes.