The Basildonians is an amateur drama group based in Upper Basildon, Berkshire, UK. The group puts on adventurous high quality shows suitable for all audiences.

About Us

The Basildonians were founded in 1977 and have been performing for 40 years without a break. The group puts on between 1 and 2 productions every year mainly in The Village Hall Upper Basildon. In addition the group puts on an outdoor show every few years in the summer. The productions range from Shakesperian plays, through serious drama and comedy to music halls and pantomimes.

The Village Hall in Upper Basildon was rebuilt in 2005 with facilities purpose designed for user groups including The Basildonians. The facilities include a 9.6m x 5m demountable stage, a demountable proscenium arch, green room, storage, permananetly wired lighting points and a lighting/projection box.

If you are interested in acting, helping backstage or front of house, or if you'd just like to find out more then do send an email to or find details in the The Country Neighbour magazine